Our approach

Mwabu supports teachers in rural Africa by offering tools and training suitable for large class sizes and low resource settings. Our core product is designed for use in schools. Our aim is to support, not supplant, existing teaching systems. Device deployment is matched to school budgets. Where possible, learners use shared tablets on a rotational model. Alternatively, reduced budgets are catered for by simply using a teacher device linked to a (solar) projector. Even without learner devices, teachers have access to high quality curriculum-compatible content and matching lesson plans, which benefit both teachers and learners.

Interactive & enagaging

Learner resources

Mwabu’s interactive digital content is illustrated and animated using African characters, culture and voicing. It includes learning examples, questions and activities. In Zambia, we offer curriculum-aligned content in English, and, for early grades, this is available in seven local languages. International versions are currently in English only. The content can be used on tablets, laptops, PCs and smartphones, and is widely used by the Zambian Ministry of General Education.

Coming soon: Our Zambian content is being refreshed to allow it to be adapted to enable greater curriculum alignment in other African countries.

Coming soon: Working with specialist partners we will be able to offer specialist literacy and numeracy lessons, including teacher support and learner assessments.

Comprehensive & continuing

Teacher support

We build the capacity of teachers to use modern teaching methods and technology through initial training and ongoing professional development. Comprehensive lesson plans cover all aspects of teaching each lesson, including explanations, activities, questions, discussion topics and assessments. Reinforcement ideas and extension activities give options for responding to the needs of learners.

Coming soon: Working with specialist partners we will be offering a dedicated teacher support app that will provide teaching tips, lesson plans, attendance recording and peer-to-peer monitoring suggestions on a low-cost smartphone.

Online & offline

Data analytics

To measure impact and inform improvements, user data (from teachers and learners) can be collected and reviewed using proven methodologies, even from offline locations. We are developing data dashboards to simplify the analytics and data presentation.

Coming soon: We are developing formative and summative assessments for core topics, which will allow for performance monitoring. School attendance monitoring allows for correlation between attendance and learning outcomes, which is particularly relevant with high rates of absenteeism.

Managing & implementing

Programme delivery

Together with our partners, we provide project management throughout the e-learning programme: training, implementation, change management and technical support.

Our digital content can be deployed onto existing hardware, or, with our partners, we can provide tablets, servers, projectors, wi-fi, power solutions and a range of ancillary equipment.

Bespoke solutions

Mwabu also creates world-class bespoke educational / training content, covering sectors such as conservation, healthcare and financial literacy, for young adults and field personnel.

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