where teaching meets technology

where teaching meets technology

where teaching meets technology

Response to the Covid-19 crisis: We adapted our interactive resources into video and radio formats in order to reach more learners at home. Working with UNICEF and the Zambian Ministry of Education, Mwabu delivered radio lessons in all primary subjects for daily national broadcast. We also created videos for broadcast on public TV and online. Find out more >

About us

Mwabu understands the immense challenges facing teachers in primary schools in rural Africa. We seek to improve educational outcomes by using our experience and appropriate technology to support teachers. We offer proven, cost-effective, interactive digital resources, associated hardware, teacher training & support, and online / offline data capture & analytics. Our solutions are suitable for untrained teachers, large class sizes or low resource settings.

Our approach

Learner resources

Interactive digital content with illustration, animation, questions and activities, showing African characters and culture, with locally appropriate voicing.

Teacher support

Through comprehensive lesson plans, initial training and continued professional development, we build teachers’ capacity to use innovative teaching methods.

Data analytics

Data can be collected and reviewed at every stage, even from offline locations, using proven methodologies, to measure impact and inform improvements.

Programme delivery

Together with our partners we provide project management throughout the e-learning programme; implementation, change management and support.


Mwabu measures impact by improvement in teacher skills as well as learning outcomes. We are committed to the highest standards of evaluating our results.

Mwabu’s work in Zambia shows significant increases in literacy and numeracy, as evidenced by a randomized controlled trial conducted by the American Institutes for Research on the use of Mwabu as implemented by our partners Impact Network.

Things changed when Mwabu was introduced, in the sense that the tablets cover all the subjects, including those in which we donʼt have materials. Now I can say we have enough resources. We even have some things that we thought we would never have. Learning has become much more interesting.
Mr Simbali Liseke
Head Teacher at Kandala Community School
Parents with children in other nearby schools are thinking of bringing their children to our school just because our school is using these Mwabu tablets. Very often, we receive requests for transfers but we canʼt accommodate everyone. I wish this programme was given to other schools too because I know that most schools donʼt have enough textbooks and would benefit from Mwabu.