Mwabu creates modern interactive enquiry based learning content and resources needed by teachers and students across Africa.

National curriculum based content can be accessed anywhere and at anytime through the Mwabu educational tablet.

What we believe

Mwabu stands for a future where all children realise their right to a high quality education, equipping them for success in life.

Many African economies are modernising, and growing rapidly. However, many of their communities are unable to access new opportunities, and remain cut off from the benefits of growth. Without access to quality education, young people will remain in subsistence life-styles – wasting human capital and undermining national development.

Mwabu seeks to change this, creating rapid improvements in education standards by bringing highly effective e-learning resources into the classroom.

We believe that the future of Africa needs the talent of all its young people, and we will strive to enable children from all backgrounds to benefit from high quality education.


Our Vision

Our vision is for school pupils across Africa to benefit from a quality education, equipping them to access new opportunities, and drive forward the development of the continent.

Our Mission

We will give school pupils the opportunity to go further in their education, to become better learners, and to be ready to improve their lives, and the lives of their families and communities.

Our Values

Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to the following values:


we respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality


we strive for excellence in all our endeavours through continuous improvement


we are committed to a culture of teamwork and collaboration


our primary goal is to improve education; we use cutting edge technology as a means to this end

Learner first

we put the learner first, whether that learner is a teacher, a student, a headteacher, a parent or an employee


we deliver innovative education to help students reach their potential


we inspire and connect teachers and students with innovative learning programs and platforms

Mwabu – Our new name

From 1st January 2016, iSchool will be known as Mwabu, the new trading name for iSchool Education Ltd and iSchool Africa.

In Zambia, iSchool will continue to be known as iSchool

Our success in Zambia means that we’re growing and developing into new markets, and we will do so under a different name.

The UK based Management team, together with key investors and board members have worked with an external communications agency to develop a new name.

Mwabu represents an enriched learning experience through curriculum focussed content for primary school children, accessible anytime, anywhere. The Mwabu Educational Tablet is manufactured by a separate company; we resell the tablet as a mechanism for accessing our content.

We recognise that our products and services mean different things to different people. Our retail consumers may see Mwabu as meaning something different to our NGO partners. However, no matter which stakeholder group we refer to, education remains at the heart of the proposition. The next phase of this process is to define what Mwabu means to different types of stakeholder so that we communicate with them in the most effective way possible.

What does Mwabu mean?

Mwabu does not exist as a word in any language. Our aim is that, over time, ‘Mwabu’ will grow to represent our business and its meaning will be inseparable from what we stand for.

Mwabu is known to be a surname in Kenya, but there is no known meaning.

The prefix ‘Mw’ is common in many African languages, giving us an immediate connection to those regions.

In some African dialects the word for ‘dawn’ is ‘obubo’. The phonetic connection between ‘obubo’ and ‘Mwabu’ links to the icon in our brand identity which shows a tree and a sun, and to our objective of helping to bring a new beginning to the regions in which we operate.

Brand identity

The new name will adopt the colours, icon and logo structure with which we are familiar. We have taken the opportunity of this review to slightly tweak the icon element of the logo, to make the tree and sun elements more recognisable.

By keeping these consistent, we can make sure that we retain some of the brand recognition that we have developed over the past 5 years.

This has the added benefit that our identity will have the same visual style in Zambia and elsewhere.

The Tablet

Mwabu Learning sits on a specially built 32 GB extra long battery life tablet computer which comes in three versions, Teacher edition, Pupil edition, Home edition, each with their own configurations to optimize user experience.

Mwabu has deliberately included additional farming, health and adult education information on the tablet to benefit local communities.


  • 5,000 lesson plans and 2,500 interactive learner activities
  • Mwabu user interface and analytics
  • Mwabu reading schemes, books and stories
  • Dictionary, Encyclopaedia and Office applications
  • Revision and past papers
  • Teacher training course
  • Adult learning including iHealth and iFarm


Learning has to be contextually relevant and fun, lessons have to cultivate critical thinking skills, teachers have to be trained and supported so they could adopt a learner-centered approach despite large classes. Mwabus “Total Learning Environment” is pioneered and is designed to revolutionize the way that teaching is done.

The two pillars to the Mwabu Total Learning environment are:

  • Detailed teach lesson plans: These guide normal teachers in the delivery of 5,000 interactive inquiry based lessons which cover an entire curriculum
  • Interactive multi-media learning content: This fun character-based eLearning content is voiced in English throughout and in 8 Zambian languages for early grades

What is the Mwabu learning like?

All learning is cross-curricula, based around the life of an African girl called Precious who lives in a village. Precious realizes the potential of education through various stories. Each half-term there is a common theme, across all subjects.

In Zambia, for the early grades, the teaching is based around illustrated stories – all voiced as well as written and illustrated in English and vernacular languages.

These are followed by lessons based on those stories, with Precious building up numeracy, literacy and other key skills.

The lessons contain quizzes and interactive material that allow students, based in pairs for peer-education, to proceed at their own pace. Mwabu is building up data collection and analytic capabilities.

Mwabu supports teachers

The curriculum has been designed to guide teachers, irrespective of their level of training or experience, in delivery of learner centered-education. Mwabu is highly structured and prescriptive with plans for year, half-term, week, day and every individual lesson, laying out in detail what should be taking place in the classroom.

Mwabu enables even inexperienced teachers to teach lessons with the appropriate (local) resources in an interactive way, encouraging critical thinking, including regular group work, and placing an emphasis on differentiation so all children are challenged and supported. As well as initial teacher training Mwabu has created a 12 module teacher training programme, which can be run in schools and is designed to support teachers in transitioning to learner centered teaching.

Making an Impact


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