N50 Project - Digital Inclusion for the Next 50%

Mwabu is proud to be one of the founding partners of the N50 Project, fuelling digital transformation in challenging environments globally.

The N50 Project accelerates digital adoption and community enrichment through innovative applications, network design, and business models to enable the next 3.9 billion people to participate in the digital world. Broadband adoption will be accelerated and sustained, globally, through commercial, non-profit, government, and community partnerships.

The model is currently being tested in a pilot at a rural location in the US, and a rural village in Zambia, with Mwabu as a key partner.

Geeks Without Frontiers is celebrating Digital Inclusion Week with its release of a short film introducing the N50 Project.


The N50 Project is a collaboration including Intel and Geeks Without Frontiers, with announcements of further project partners to follow on launch in October 2021. To learn more visit: www.n50project.org