Mwabu's reach extends to Liberia

We now have eight teachers trained by the Mwabu Academy team using our educational content in Liberia. 

We were honoured to also be invited to meet the Minister for Education in Liberia to talk about supporting primary school interventions in the country. Two weeks ago we met him with two representatives of school groups working in the country. We are excited of the future opportunity to expand our work in Liberia.

To date we have been working with CMRC and the African Bible College to support 180 children and eight teachers at Bethel Foundation, a community school in Sanniquelle, Liberia. The organisations sent two of their coordinators to Zambia for teacher training with the Mwabu Academy. The school coordinators were trained to be able to train their colleagues, with continuous guidance and support from the Mwabu Academy trainers via Skype, phone and WhatsApp communications. We are delighted to say that the school coordinators have felt well supported, and were able to train their peers effectively in the use of the Mwabu tablets and lessons. The school coordinators, as well as their fellow teachers and pupils are delighted with the Mwabu tablets.