First lessons with Mwabu Learn begin at N50 project in Luumbo

Mwabu is a founding partner working to pilot the N50 project in Luumbo, in the remote Gwembe district of southern Zambia. Initial surveys by the N50 project have confirmed that the availability of devices capable of internet connectivity are very limited in Luumbo, and very few people there are internet users.

Our pilot project team set out to Luumbo to distribute phones, laptops and tablets to the Luumbo community and schools, and to provide training for hardware and software orientation, and familiarisation with the Mwabu Learn application.

43 smartphones, 15 laptops, 30 tablets and 45 pairs of earphones were successfully distributed. Members of the community group are responsible for the hardware distributed and ensuring active participation in the project.

The District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) for Gwembe District and Chief Munyumbwe’s representative were in attendance, as well as teachers from the schools. These pictures show the primary school children beginning their first lessons with Mwabu Learn.


The N50 project team is working closely with other partners and local community leaders to facilitate the deployment of other services into Luumbo to help meet adult education, health, agricultural and leisure needs of the community. Find out more at