Mwabu gains further recognition

We are extremely proud to have been named as one of ’11 to watch in Global Edtech’ in the Global Good 2017 presentation to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation by strategy consultancy Intentional Futures.

The presentation highlighted three main factors that negatively affect the quality of education in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Mwabu’s tablets are featured amongst the chosen 11 products that are successfully addressing these challenges through in-classroom teacher support or through student-directed learning. These three main factors are:

1. Teacher supply and preparedness
2. Teacher absenteeism
3. Ineffective classroom practices

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation does impressive work with partner organisations around the globe to tackle the world’s most critical problems and we feel thrilled to have been recognised as one of the ’11 to watch in Global Edtech’.

For us, being featured, not only underpins the impact Mwabu has already had on thousands of lives, it also encourages us to further strive to accomplish our mission ‘to bring talent, teacher and technology together across Africa to make education so good that all learners can contribute to and benefit from a new future for the continent’.