iSchool Zambia

In Zambia, Mwabu is still known as iSchool.

We sell interactive e-learning content and resources, based on the Zambian primary school curriculum and covering the entire syllabus from grade 1 to 7. 


Our Academy offers teacher training courses and continued professional development to enhance teachers’ skills and to empower the delivery of quality education using the Mwabu tablets.


iSchool's content is currently distributed via the Mwabu educational tablet but will soon be available to download onto any device (content can be used in offline environments).

Our e-Learning Content

In Zambia, our e-learning content and resources are accessed via the Mwabu educational tablet and are available in three different editions:

  1. Pupil Edition
  2. Teacher Edition
  3. Home Edition


Each edition is loaded with colourful interactive materials for pupils, along with thousands of lesson plans and teaching tips for teachers. The content is voiced in English and, for the early grades, 8 local languages: Lusaka Nyanja, Nyanja, Bemba, Kaonde, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale and Tonga. Our materials encourage children to ask questions and solve problems in groups and individually.

Pupil Edition

Pupil Edition

The pupil tablet contains 2,500 enquiry-based interactive activities for all primary subjects in English and in Zambian local languages for the early grades. No internet access is needed to access the content and solar power can be provided if there is no main electricity at the school.

Our content moves away from the classic rote learning or 'chalk-and-talk' approach, instead motivates pupils to ask questions, explore and solve problems in groups or individually.

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Watch the video to see an example of iSchool's e-learning content for a lower primary school lesson as well as the respective lesson plan as a download link.

Lesson Plan 

Teacher Edition

The teacher tablet is available for individual teachers offering
5,000 lesson plans for every school day, of every term and for every primary grade. The easy-to-use Mwabu tablet offers continuous professional development and teacher training modules, with teacher-specific apps and software.

The tablet comes with accessories for schools including headphones, projectors and solar chargers, as well as adult literacy classes for use outside of school hours.


Mwabu is working with the ministry to establish payroll deduction and subscription schemes to enable more affordable access.



Home Edition

The home tablet is designed to supplement children's education at home, whether or not they are using the Mwabu tablets at school. The home tablet includes thousands of activities covering all subjects 
including reviews of daily lessons, homework, interactive materials, educational web browsing, pre-loaded Wikipedia, word processor and spreadsheet software as well as use of our reading scheme.

Parents can benefit too with adult literacy and numeracy apps; life-skills learning, health and farming allowing the whole family become life-long learners. Up to four personal profiles to remember progress can be set up.





Projects & Case Studies

We run projects in conjunction with major donors and bilateral agencies such as USAID, DfID, and UNICEF. In recent evaluations, our programme has been proven to increase children's numeracy and literacy skills. 

Find out more about the effectiveness of iSchool's programme in our recent case studies.

Case studies

Our Stores

iSchool Zambia Store
Manda Hill Mall

Our store is located directly opposite the MTN shop, near Game store

Our Kiosks

East Park Mall near Food Lovers

Woodlands Mall near Zanaco Bank

Cosmopolitan Mall near Shoprite

All Bookworld stores

Payment Options

1. DDAC payment plan. This is a three-month payment plan and the tablet costs K1,880. The requirements for this include K500 cash down payment for the first month with the remaining balance paid within two months. The customer will need to fill in two forms, letter of agreement and DDAC form. They will also need to attach a copy of their latest payslip and NRC. Once the forms are verified and the K500 paid, a customer can walk away with the tablet. The process takes 1-5 working days.


2. Civil Service Plan. This plan does not require a cash deposit. Our target group is mainly civil servants. This group has 2 payment plan options, either pay for the tablet in 3 months at a cost of K1,880 or pay in 6 months at a cost of K2,130. All they need to do is fill in the letter of agreement and civil service scheme form, attach their latest payslip and a copy of their NRC. Once forms are complete and verified, the tablet can be collected.


3. Lay-by can be done at our shop at Manda Hill or through direct bank deposits. The cost of the tablet is the same as a cash payment of K1,680. A customer can pay for the tablet up to a period of 3 months but the collection of the tablet can only happen once payment is complete.


Download our forms here:

DDAC Mandate formLetter of agreementCivil service form



What happens if payments default?

It attracts interest. the longer a customer defaults, the more interest he/she is required to pay especially when they haven’t made any effort to call us and explain what the problem behind their default is, in this case no interest is added.


Our credit terms are offered at any of our selling points i.e. our shop at Manda Hill, or from our kiosks in different malls (East Park, Woodlands, Kafubu and Cosmopolitan). Credit terms are also offered from our head office along Independence Avenue. Customers can also download the forms here, or request that we email the forms to them. Once they fill them in, the forms can be scanned and sent back to us via email or one of our sales agents can visit the customer’s workplace place to pick up the forms as well as deliver the tablet.


Zambia Office

344 Independence Avenue


P: +260 211 845161 / 295889
M: +260 975746226

mwabu fact no. 11 50% of Africans will own a smartphone by 2020 so we’re developing our content to work on any device
mwabu fact no. 11 80:1 In some rural areas, 1 teacher often teaches a class of up to 80 pupils
mwabu fact no. 27 5,000 In Zambia, we created 5,000 lesson plans, each packed with interactive activities
mwabu fact no. 03 3x Children learning with Mwabu improved their literacy scores 3x faster than a control group in our Unicef study in Zambia
mwabu fact no. 18 180,000 Primary school children reached so far
mwabu fact no. 07 39 million Primary school children in Africa have no access to education
mwabu fact no. 08 12% The drop in global poverty if all students in low-income countries left school with basic reading skills
mwabu fact no. 02 2.1 million According to a UNESCO study, by 2030 Africa will be short of 2.1m teachers
mwabu fact no. 32 100 million We aim to reach 100 million learners by 2020

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