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In South Africa, we have launched a new CAPS-aligned product for primary schools. Educators can access teacher tips and training resources, as well as class management tools and reporting dashboards. Learners have fun, interactive material to engage them.

Our content will cover the primary school curriculum for Grades 1 – 7 in Mathematics, English and Natural Sciences & Technology. The content moves away from the classic rote learning or 'chalk-and-talk' approach and instead motivates pupils to enquire, explore and problem-solve.

Our content is structured in units which cover every learning objective of the curriculum. Each unit is structured in sections:


  1. Learning Objective
  2. Introduction - an opportunity to review previous learning using engaging questioning techniques and to ensure understanding of the lesson objective
  3. Explanation - the method or approach to use 
  4. Core Activity - e.g. group work, pair work, multiple choice exercises
  5. More Activities - differentiated by Reinforcement, Mainstream, and Extension activities
  6.  Plenary - verifying that learners have achieved the objective
  7.  Summary


We are also developing curriculum-aligned assessments to track performance and identify intervention areas for each learner.


Mwabu Academy

Mwabu Academy provides specifically focused educator support, through initial training courses in using our product and devices, and continued professional development to develop educators’ skills and best practice. We now offer a complete set of standard and bespoke change management courses, as well as high-quality teacher mentoring and support. We are also building an intelligent interconnected network of teachers, learners and parents to share good practice across borders.

Mwabu Academy

Bespoke Content Development

Mwabu is currently developing content for a range of organisations, from healthcare to wildlife conservation. Our largest bespoke development programme is a five-year contract valued at approximately $4m involving end-to-end production of training modules. Integration with a proprietary Learning Management System enables ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the learning.


Recent Projects

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Technology Partners
We work with world class market leading technology companies to create bespoke platforms and services for the design, production and distribution of Mwabu content throughout Africa.

Implementation Partners
We work with local and national partners to implement Mwabu programmes as a sustainable solution to our customers around Africa. Our partners are experts when it comes to working with schools and organisations to ensure the most effective understanding and use of Mwabu content.



Corporate Social Responsibility Partners
It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to give back to their communities. Through various programmes and approaches, Mwabu offers many opportunities for businesses to engage with schools.

Contact us for more information on CSR.

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mwabu fact 80:1 In some rural areas, 1 teacher often teaches a class of up to 80 pupils
mwabu fact 5,000 In Zambia, we created 5,000 lesson plans, each packed with interactive activities
mwabu fact 39 million Primary school children in Africa have no access to education
mwabu fact 650,000 Learners reached so far
mwabu fact 2.1 million According to a UNESCO study, by 2030 Africa will be short of 2.1m teachers
mwabu fact 100 million We aim to reach 100 million learners

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