Introduction: Mwabu Academy

The Mwabu Academy provides specifically focused teacher support through initial training courses in using our product and devices, and continued professional development in teaching skills and best practice. We offer a complete set of standard and bespoke change management courses, as well as high-quality teacher mentoring, delivered through classroom observations and personalised feedback.

We are also building an intelligent interconnected online network of teachers, learners and parents to share good practice and experiences across borders.

Who are Mwabu Academy?

Mwabu does not believe that one solution fits all. Our tailored Academy training courses and support set us apart. We feel that partnering with teachers to ensure education technology is used to its full potential, is the most effective strategy to provide the best educational outcomes for our learners. Mwabu Academy provides specifically focused teacher support, through initial training courses in using our product and devices, and continued professional development to enhance teachers’ skills and best practice.

Our Vision

Our vision is that learners across Africa will benefit from a high quality, engaging, modern and relevant education so they can drive forward the development of the continent. We support teachers by providing the techniques, resources and training to effect this change.

The Mwabu Academy is a centre of excellence for developing and supporting educators. Through the Academy and its services, teachers can be involved in a process of continued professional development enabling them to improve their classroom practices whilst using the full range of Mwabu resources and approaches.

Product Training and Support

How do Mwabu Units support teachers?

Our e-learning content has been designed to support the teacher in the delivery of innovative and engaging resources in their classroom.

Key features:

  1. A structured lesson delivery framework to support newly qualified teachers
  2. Optional teacher tips to suggest different ways to use the material. This extends the skills of well-qualified educators and provides on-going professional development and support for those new to the classroom.
  3. Clear explanations of the content and strategies involved, with answers where appropriate
  4. Stimulating activities based on Mwabu’s active-learning pedagogy of encouraging discussion, problem-solving and critical thinking
  5. Optional differentiated activities to suit the needs of all learners
  6. Colourful graphics to engage learners



Mwabu Teacher Blogs

We are following Mwabu teachers in Zambia and South Africa as they share their journey with us using the Mwabu Units their classrooms.

Please head over to our Teacher Blogs to read their stories.

Teacher Blogs

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Mwabu Academy

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Mwabu Academy Activities

mwabu fact 39 million Primary school children in Africa have no access to education
mwabu fact 80:1 In some rural areas, 1 teacher often teaches a class of up to 80 pupils
mwabu fact 12% The drop in global poverty if all students in low-income countries left school with basic reading skills
mwabu fact 100 million We aim to reach 100 million learners
mwabu fact 3x Children learning with Mwabu improved their literacy scores 3x faster than a control group in our Unicef study in Zambia
mwabu fact 5,000 In Zambia, we created 5,000 lesson plans, each packed with interactive activities
mwabu fact 650,000 Learners reached so far
mwabu fact 2.1 million According to a UNESCO study, by 2030 Africa will be short of 2.1m teachers

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