The Mwabu Approach


The Programme Office delivers effective and efficient projects for internal and external customers of Mwabu ensuring a seamless end to end implementation and change management approach.


The Mwabu Academy offers an intelligent interconnected network of teachers, learners and parents to share good practice across borders. With a complete set of standard and bespoke change management courses, Mwabu will offer continued training in the Mwabu pedagogy for teachers, advisors and trainers.

Devices and Hardware

The Mwabu tablet is the current method by which all of our services are accessed but soon, with a brand new approach to technology, content will be available across a broad range of platforms and devices.

Teaching Resources

A range of practical resources that help teachers deliver Mwabu lessons every day of every term.

Learning Resources

An array of resources that help parents and students take learning home from school.


The development of valid and reliable progress-tracking and assessment tools.


The ability to track progress and intervene to support and raise teacher and pupil performance.


Lesson plans and interactive resources are tailored to be relevant by country and explicitly aligned to the national curriculum.


Written and voiced content for multi-lingual young learners which follows appropriate standards and is easy to understand.


Our mission is to bring talent, teacher and technology together across Africa to make education so good that all learners can contribute to and benefit from a new future for them and their continent.

Mwabu e-Learning

Our award-winning e-learning content and resources are specially created for teachers and pupils in Africa. Our technology facilitates content localisation for each country.

Our content is based on two pillars:

  1. Lesson plans that are designed to guide teachers, irrespective of their level of training or experience, in the delivery of learner-centred lessons
  2. Curriculum-aligned e-learning content that is modern, interactive, voiced in English throughout and translated into local languages for early grades


Our curriculum aligned content is currently being used in schools in Zambia and South Africa and has had an impact on over 250k learners to date. Over the next years, we will be developing curriculum-aligned content for further African countries as we continue to expand.



In Zambia, our product is mature, covering the entire syllabus and all subjects from grade 1 to 7. There are three versions available: teacher, pupil and home edition.

Our content also includes adult learning such as literacy, health, farming and conservation apps.



For further information about our product offering in Zambia and South Africa, please check the respective county section.

South Africa

In South Africa, we have developed CAPS-aligned content that will cover the primary school curriculum for grades 4,5, 6 and 7 in Mathematics and Natural Sciences & Technology. We will also develop content to cover grades 1 to 3, which will be translated into local languages.


ZAMBIASouth Africa

Devices and Hardware

Mwabu's e-learning content is currently distributed via our educational tablet but will soon be available to download onto any device. Our content can be accessed anywhere and at any time, even without internet connection. 

Mwabu Academy

Mwabu Academy provides teacher training courses and on-going mentoring support in using our product and devices. Through continued professional development, we build teachers’ capacity to use innovative teaching methods, and enable all learners, even those in large classes, to progress through being actively engaged and focused. 

For further information visit our Mwabu Academy page.

Mwabu Academy

Bespoke Content

Mwabu is currently developing content for a range of organisations in Zambia, from healthcare to wildlife conservation. Our largest bespoke development programme is a five-year contract valued at approximately $4m involving end-to-end production of training modules. Integration with a proprietary Learning Management System enables ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the learning.

Recent projects


Game Rangers International

mwabu fact 80:1 In some rural areas, 1 teacher often teaches a class of up to 80 pupils
mwabu fact 100 million We aim to reach 100 million learners by 2020
mwabu fact 50% of Africans will own a smartphone by 2020 so we’re developing our content to work on any device
mwabu fact 3x Children learning with Mwabu improved their literacy scores 3x faster than a control group in our Unicef study in Zambia
mwabu fact 180,000 Primary school children reached so far

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