Some of the success stories from our Kwa-Zulu Natal programme

Productive school days and improved grades

Wed, 30.08.2017
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Mwabu and the MRP Foundation teamed up and launched a new e-learning programme in April at four schools in Kwa-Zulu Natal, a province in South Africa.


The project will use new content created by Mwabu specifically for the South African curriculum and will be implemented with ongoing training, mentoring and support for the school teams.


Grade 4 Maths and Science are on the syllabus for this year and it will grow to include Grades 5 and 6 in 2018.


Mwabu Academy carried out a monitoring and observation visit earlier this year and teachers and pupils alike were responding well to the Mwabu materials.


The initial feedback from teachers, school principals and learners alike was overwhelmingly positive.


Since the launch of the programme, school days have become more productive with teachers saying that the language used by Mwabu is easy to understand, lesson planning is easier and that more gets done.


A principal at one school noted that teachers and learners worked better together and engaged with each other more.


Teachers have also indicated that they also have more time to help pupils individually and learners are sitting in groups and working out problems together.


One teacher said: “Mwabu has made life very easy. All I have to do is make sure I get the resources for the topic. And there is less paperwork too.”


Another added: “We are now able to cover all the topics in a term. We move through things quicker.”


The launch of the project has also seen a dramatic shift in the behaviour of pupils in the classroom.


A Maths teacher revealed that one of his pupils used to hide under her desk during lessons, but the introduction of Mwabu has changed everything and she now engages in class.


A school principal added: “Most of the time the teacher is moving with the tablet, so the attention that learners have is most improved.”


A number of teachers reported that they had noticed an improvement in learners’ understanding in just one term.


One pupil also achieved 98% in their second term, a strong mark in anyone’s book.


And the programme has allowed learning to branch out beyond the classroom and into real life scenarios.


Measurement is just one of the areas covered in the syllabus and one grade four learner was determined to put what she’d learned into practice.


She advised her mother about spoons, bowl size and milk quantities and the end reward was very tasty – banana bread!

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