Communities and parents have welcomed the programmes and requested they continue

Reaching learners through the radio during Covid-19

Wed, 07.10.2020
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In partnership with UNICEF and the Zambian Ministry of General Education, we have adapted our lessons for radio broadcast, reaching large numbers of learners during school closures. The project began as an emergency response to school closures due to COVID 19, particularly aimed at supporting vulnerable children in hard to reach places without access to internet services and television. 


Phase one of the project has seen lessons for Grade 1 - 7 learners adapted and recorded for radio broadcast. Content for the last five weeks of Term 1 and the first three weeks of Term 2 was identified and compressed into 1 lesson per week across three subject areas; Mathematics, Literacy and Integrated Science. Lessons from Grades 1 – 4 were translated into the 7 official local languages: Bemba, Tonga, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Kaonde and Nyanja.


Since the shows began to air in July, over eighty programs have been broadcast by each of ten different radio stations, across ten project districts. A selected number of those radio stations will soon run live radio shows to get real time feedback from the community.


Our implementing partners have reported that the programs have been much appreciated, with communities requesting that the shows be repeated, and parents saying that such programs should continue even in the absence of COVID-19. 

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