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Parent Blog: Thabo

Tue, 05.09.2017
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Thabo Amupuela Kataso, a mother of two was troubled when she noticed her 12-year-old daughter, Lubasi spending too much time at her neighbour’s house.


The reason her daughter did that was because the neighbour’s child owned an iSchool educational tablet that was teaching them new things. Thabo thought her daughter was making excuses until she found a flyer at her work place that explained what the iSchool tablet was about. 


“I learnt that it wasn’t just an ordinary tablet but had a lot of educational materials that are matched to the Zambian curriculum. I decided to buy it as a backup plan for my kids. Even if they are not at school and there is no one around to help them, they could use the tablet to research and find the information they needed to help them with their school work. I also wanted my daughter to stop spending most of her time at the neighbour’s house!”  


The evening she took the tablet home, Thabo said there was great celebration in the house. Her daughter shrieked in excitement and barely slept that night. Lubasi carried her tablet everywhere she went in the house.   


“I’d find her in the kitchen washing the plates with the tablet right next to her!”  


Lubasi is in grade 7 and will soon be writing her exams in less than two months and here is what she had to say about the tablet: 


“It has helped me learn a lot of things. If there is something I haven’t understood at school, I come home and search for that topic on my tablet. I’m now good at Maths and essay writing.” 


Thabo’s son, Chazala, a six-year-old boy in grade 2, said: “It helped me a lot. I like using it for mathematics and I know more things than my friends in class”.  


Two years later, after her purchase of the iSchool tablet, Thabo still feels she made a great investment. 


“It keeps my kids busy. As a parent, I have more time to myself after getting home tired because I don’t have to do everything with them from start to finish. When they come with homework, they use the tablet to research and teach themselves and afterwards bring the work to me for checking. So, it saves me some time and also makes me proud to see them take charge of their learning."

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