How Mwabu has transformed a child's learning

Parent Blog: Ruth

Thu, 21.09.2017
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Keisha was five years old when her mother, Ruth Kalaba Meki, began to worry about her reading skills. Keisha was struggling to read books and was only interested in playing with her mother’s phone.


Ruth wondered what could be done to get her daughter interested in reading. “My friends advised me to buy the Mwabu tablet. They told me it was a good tool to use for kids.


Instead of allowing Keisha to keep playing with my phone, my husband and I decided we would get Keisha her own tablet that she could use for educational purposes." Keisha had seen the tablet on TV and at school, where some of her friends had one. This led Keisha to ask her parents to get her the tablet.


“She was so excited when her dad came home with her present and became so engrossed in her tablet. When I asked her why she no longer played with my telephone, she told me it was because her Mwabu tablet was the best telephone in the world!”


Keisha is now eight years old and in Grade 3. She has been using her tablet since 2014. The school Keisha attends allows her, and other students who own tablets, to carry them to school and use them when their classwork is done.


“I use the tablet for learning. It helps me with my school work. I learn by watching the cartoons about the topic I want on the tablet, and then I understand it. I also like the games and reading stories on my tablet,” says Keisha.


Ruth says, “As a parent, I noticed that the tablet helped Keisha because when she started school, reading was her main challenge. However, reading the stories on the tablet, and listening when they are read back to her, helped her to improve her reading skills. Now she is not only great at reading, but at spelling too!”

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