How one parent hasn't looked back since buying a tablet

Parent Blog: Chituwa

Tue, 05.12.2017
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Chituwa Chitwa bought the Mwabu educational tablet in 2014 when her daughter, Chita, was in Grade 1. She first read about the tablet in a brochure and was later convinced to buy one after a discussion with one of the iSchool Zambia staff members, who explained more about the benefits of the tablet.

“The main thing that attracted me about the tablet was the fact that the whole Zambian syllabus is on the tablet. So, whatever my child learns on the tablet is what is taught in school.

Later on, I discovered the table also had a child-friendly Wikipedia, and I encouraged my daughter to explore it. I also like that some of the content is in local languages, which will help my daughter to learn Bemba on her own.

The tablet helps to improve my daughter’s reading skills because it has lots of stories. She also gets to learn at her own pace. Chita took to it very well. It also keeps my daughter away from our gadgets!” laughs Chituwa.

Chita is eight years old and in Grade 4. When asked what she liked about her tablet, Chita replied, “I like my tablet because it’s pink and pink is my favourite colour!

My tablet also keeps me busy and helps me a lot with my science, mathematics and literacy. I also love reading Wikipedia. I learn about people who lived a long time ago and came up with ideas."

We asked Chita to tell us more about what she had learnt from the Wikipedia on her tablet and she said, “I read about Thomas Edison. He invented the light bulb.”

Then she paused, and had a questioning look on her face before asking, “How come Edison died before his older sister?” We let her mummy handle the answer to that question!



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