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Thu, 03.05.2018
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Eleven year old Justin Mutale had never heard of the Mwabu tablet until the day his dad came back from work and handled him the tablet. That was over three years ago and ever since then, Justin and his tablet have been inseparable. Justin, a Head Boy at Little Lulus School is preparing to write his grade seven exam this year and one of the things he appreciates most about his Mwabu tablet is the exam practice app.


“I like using it to practice how to answer exam questions and researching stuff like who is the vice president of America. I research for fun so I can know a lot of information but I also use it to help with school work. When our teacher asked us to research on which river is the longest between the Amazon and the Nile River, I simply checked on my Mwabu tablet and found the answer.”


“I like my Mwabu tablet because apart from the exam practice app and school lessons, it works like a phone and I can play games on it. When my friends and cousins come home to visit, they also ask to use my Mwabu tablet to do their school work.”


His mother, Charity Chilufya-Mutale says, “For me, it’s not about the money I spend but investing in my child’s education. As a parent, I have seen how the tablet has helped my son improve at school. I recently went for open day at his school, and his teacher said to me Justin was doing well and typed the fastest in school. I believe what helped him type faster than his friends was the keyboard case I bought with the Mwabu tablet. I also feel the tablet is great because it minimizes the exam phobia that children may have when writing an exam because he gets to practice what writing an exam is like and I feel this will increase his confidence.”


We asked Justin what he would say to children who do not yet own a Mwabu tablet and he had this to say:

“I can tell them that it is a good tablet to have such a tablet because it helps in school activities. The earn practice app brings some questions that I don’t know, and it helps me to answer questions quickly.

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