Lesson observations show a range of improvements

Mwabu Teacher Performance Comparison

Wed, 11.10.2017
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Mwabu is designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning in ordinary classrooms across Africa. This depends on ensuring that lessons are well planned, that teaching moves away from traditional “chalk-and-talk” (often the only option in under-resourced schools, and for teachers with large class sizes), and that pupils learn through engaging in a range of different, stimulating activities.


New data shows a positive relationship between teaching styles and learning outcomes, and specifically that the frequency of questions that a teacher asks a student is a strong indicator of higher learning outcomes. Similarly, children learn better when they are actively involved in a task, rather than passively listening or watching. After one year of Mwabu implementation in Mwandi schools, lesson observations show a range of improvements compared to classes in a control group.

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