Njabulo’s Blog #7

Thu, 21.09.2017
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How do you feel about seeing your face online?!


I feel extremely happy, I can’t explain it. It feels odd to have people seeing me online. I have shared it with my family and colleagues. I also share the newsletter and send them the link to the blog.


You are now near the end of Term 3 of this academic year. Can you look back on your Maths teaching in Term 1, and tell us about any changes in your teaching since you started using the units in term 2?


I spend far less time writing on the board now, compared to before, as I have more time to explain the content. My contact time with the learners has improved. Also, the excitement with the learners is great, as soon as you switch on the projector, they’re excited. I also feel I am more confident compared to the start of the year.


Can you tell us more about his change in your confidence?


The different Mwabu Academy strategies to use in the classroom, and the way the units are structured have really helped me as a teacher. This is my fourth year of teaching, but I only started teaching G4 Maths this year; before I taught G5/6 Natural Sciences and isiZulu. The Maths teacher resigned and I was the only one who could take over. Planning wasn’t easy for me using the Mathsa\ lesson plan template. I couldn’t play around with the lesson plans, as I now do with the units, to get it to work the most successfully for me and my learners.


You previously said that you felt the Mwabu units meant you could cover the CAPS objectives more quickly. Do you still feel this is the case? Have you covered more this year than last year?


I am definitely able to cover the CAPS objectives more quickly and I am covering everything I need to cover in the term.


Are you sure you aren’t rushing?!


NO! (laughs). I can tell from the learners’ responses, participation and their work that they are learning successfully. The partner talk helps too. I use partner talk and group talking all the time now (I put the learners in groups of six) – the children are becoming more confident to share their ideas on how to do a sun for example. One strategy that I found tricky, was the Pause, Prompt, Pounce, Bounce technique to help with my questioning. I am asking more questions now though, and the learners do more talking when I am using the Mwabu units. This makes me feel good because I like seeing how they interact with each other, and they like it too. I can see they are involved in the lesson – I am not the only one feeding the information.


You have now had two mentoring and observation visits from a Mwabu Academy trainer to support your teaching practice. How do you feel about being observed?


I feel great! I am able to share my experiences with the units and I really enjoyed the feedback I received from Le’Anne on the last visit. It feels positive as I learn so much from the visits. It’s another way of learning for me.


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