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Njabulo's blog #5

Mon, 24.07.2017
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In this week's teacher blogs, Njabulo shares with us what difference in learning outcomes he can notice after having used the Mwabu tablets and units for a whole term now.


You have used the Mwabu units for a whole term now. How has the experience been?

It’s been very good. The units give me more time to help and assist the learners. I have more time to move with the struggling learners too. I don’t have to use the chalk to write questions on the board anymore as the activities and questions are in the units, I only use it to show working out or to reinforce a point. This gives me more time to spend with the learners and to assist them more quickly. They particularly love the interactive questions, but they are all useful.



Have you noticed any difference in the learning outcomes for your class?

There is an improvement definitely. They are achieving at a higher level, even the ones that struggle. The bright and colourful images help, and everyone wants to be involved. They are all looking forward to the Maths period as it is the only one that uses the Mwabu units so is different form the other subjects, and they are always excited when we start.




Have the Mwabu units help you write your lesson plans?

It’s very easy to write lesson plans using the units. They are helpful and have made my life easier. I even enjoy teaching more now as I have more time to spend with the children. They tell me everything I need such as resources, and I really value the teacher tips.



How have you found the training and support services offered by Academy to support you using this new product?

Their support has been very helpful. We had a great workshop at the end of term 2 in the holidays and I found it very useful to revisit the questioning techniques we learnt in the first training. We played a game where we had to score each other on how well we did and this was fun and useful. I want to work on my use of tone when questioning, and how to change it when I don’t get the answer I was looking for, so I can sound encouraging for other ideas and suggestions.





I am looking forward to using the Term 3 units; they are already loaded onto my tablet. We also have new projectors coming which will make everything even brighter and easier to see.



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