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Njabulo's blog #4

Mon, 26.06.2017
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Since we last spoke, you have received a mentoring and observation visit from a Mwabu trainer. How did you find the experience?

I was a bit nervous at the start, but as soon as I began with the lesson, I was not nervous anymore.


At the end of the lesson, you had a chance to discuss the lesson with the trainer. How was this?

Speaking to Helen was very useful because there were some things I could have done differently, but she didn’t just tell me that. She asked me questions like ‘how would you deliver the lesson differently?’. This made me think, for instance in the lesson I was teaching on length, I gave the learners the tools (rulers) and then I asked them to talk to their partner and estimate the length of some objects. As they already had the rulers, they just measured instead of estimating first. When I taught the same lesson to my other group of G4 learners, I changed it so they estimated the length of objects first in groups, then wrote their estimate down, and then I gave them the rulers.



You have been using the Mwabu units for six weeks now. Have you seen any changes?

I feel there is an improvement with my learners, they look forward to each lesson. If I am late for a lesson, they come looking for me! They love the interactive activities as everyone likes to be involved. The tablet helps me go around the classroom to assist the learners; before I was spending more time facing away from the learner and writing activities on the board. Now I can turn around, see the learners and help them if they are struggling with the lesson. I can move about more.


Is there anything you find difficult to use?

Not yet! I use the Mwabu units for three lessons a week. When we have the new more powerful projector, I can use the units in my classroom instead of the computer lab. I'm planning to use them in every lesson, from Monday to Friday.


Are you enjoying seeing your blog online on the Mwabu website and social media?

I feel proud to represent my school on the internet. I even sent a link to the website to the staff school communication group. I will do this every time now!


Are you using any of the strategies you saw in Mwabu Academy training?

Yes. I use the Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down technique. The learners like it and I use it to see if they understand. If they don’t, I use the BBBBB strategy (Brain, Buddy, Board, Book, Boss) and I ask them to talk to their buddy first. Then they work through the other B’s until they get to me, Boss.


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We will be adding more educator blogs over the coming months, so check back regularly to see how educators in a range of settings from rural to urban, manage the introduction of this exciting new resource into their planning and teaching.

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