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Njabulo's Blog #2

Thu, 01.06.2017
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Njabulo's experience after week 1 using the Mwabu tablet and CAPS-aligned units in his classroom at St Christopher’s School:



I was very keen to use the Mwabu tablet with my learners at the start of the term! I couldn’t use the projector at the beginning, but I still managed to use the tablet even without the projector. I used the introduction and the explanation and then used exercises from both the tablet and the textbook. I wrote them on the board. It was good as it showed me I could use the tablet even if I didn’t have power for the projector.

I really like how it is CAPS-aligned – it is so easy to find what I need, and it is also easy to follow. I have been trying to use the PPPB technique, but I still need practice! I have been using paired talking much more, but still need to teach the learners to listen to my claps when I want their attention! I also want to try the thumbs-up/thumbs-down strategy to check their understanding.




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