Mwabu Teacher Blog: Njabulo's Blog #3

Thu, 10.08.2017
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The second term of you using the Mwabu tablets and units has just started, and you had Mwabu Academy training in the holidays. How was the training for you?


It went very well. We were given new strategies to use and practice, and we than practiced what we had learned. We did practical activities with each other, role-play for example. We did a lesson plan and then had to present it to our peers. We were given feedback on what we had done and how to improve it.


How did that experience feel?


It was good. It gave me confidence – both my peers and Kay, the Mwabu Academy trainer, gave me feedback. I found the training very useful.


What do you want to develop further about your teaching practice?


I still need to work on the follow-up questions, where I need to ask a question from something a learner has just said. I am trying it in the classroom now.


You now have new projectors. How have they improved your Mwabu experience?


They work very well – they are so bright, and show clear pictures even if it is sunny. We don’t need to cover the windows.


How has this changed your teaching practice?


I now teach all my lessons in one classroom, I don’t need to go to the computer lab any more. There are three classes in G4 – 4A, 4B and 4C. I set up the projector in one room, and then I just move the learners – rather than the projectors. The other teachers don’t mind swapping. There is space in the classroom and it is easier to move around, to take the tablet to the learners and so on. They sit in groups, and are working in groups more – they think and talk about the activity and take it from there.  The other teachers are asking when they are going to get the same support as they are keen to use the tablets.


I think it is a good program and it would be useful to also have tablets for the learners at some point, to make it even more effective. All I have to do is get the resources I need for each lesson. They are not difficult to find – for example, last week we were doing capacity and I asked the learners to bring in 500ml and 1L bottles and containers, and I also found a syringe. This week we are doing fractions and I can locate everything I need.


It is easy to get through the topics – the activities are all at the right level for the learners and we now use the department workbook for the extension.


Is there anything you are finding difficult?


No – not about Mwabu!


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