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Mwabu Teacher Blog: Njabulo's Blog #2

Wed, 14.06.2017
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How long have you been using the tablet for now?

I have been using the tablet for three weeks.


How many times per week do you use it? Every lesson or just some lessons?

Three times per week. I use every lesson because they are CAPS aligned.


Tell us about how you are using the tablet and the units in your lessons.

I use the tablet at home for lesson preparation, all the lessons are done for me. The tablet even gives me teachers tips on how to teach a particular topic. I just go over the units on the tablet and then collect or prepare resources to use in class. This tablet makes teaching easy, enjoyable and it also minimises the load of papers and the time you take writing on the board.



What are you finding the most helpful?

The visuals used in all lessons are very helpful, they are big, easy to read and see as well as colourful. The explanations in the lesson are short and easy to understand. All the units are CAPS aligned.


How have the learners responded to the tablet and the units?

The learners are responding very well. They are enjoying the lessons and units in the tablet.


Have you been able to involve the learners and the tablet when using the interactive activities?

Yes, I have involved the learners in activities. This is the part they enjoy the most. Everyone wants to have their turn in the interactive lessons.


Do you use all of the units in a lesson, or just part of each unit e.g. just the explanation, or some of the activities?

I have used all the units in the lessons that I have covered so far. I use the explanation and activities from the units in class, and then sometimes also use worksheets and activities from textbooks/ DOE workbooks as an extension.




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We will be adding more educator blogs over the coming months, so check back regularly to see how educators in a range of settings from rural to urban, manage the introduction of this exciting new resource into their planning and teaching.




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