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Mwabu Teacher Blog: Njabulo's Blog #1

Thu, 18.05.2017
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Mwabu was delighted to launch in South Africa in April 2017, in partnership with the MRP Foundation. Our Phase 1 two-day training course on how to use our tablet and CAPS-aligned units was delivered by Mwabu Academy to Grade 4 Maths educators from four schools in KwaZulu-Natal.


We will be following Njabulo, a G4 Maths educator from St Christopher’s School in KZN. He will share his journey with us as he begins using the Mwabu tablet and units in his classroom. Below, find Njabulo’s initial thoughts on using the Mwabu content before the start of Term 2.


Njabulo, how did you feel at the end of the two-day Mwabu training course?

I felt really excited, and I think it’s going to really help my learners. As an educator, I think it will be easy to go back and use the units to refresh the learners’ memory.


How do you think the Mwabu product will help you as an educator?

I think the unit content will help me to write lesson plans. I am new to teaching G4 Maths, so I think I will find the teacher tips really helpful if I am stuck for how to phrase things or present something. It will greatly assist me


How do you feel the Mwabu product will help your learners?

It’s clear, short and simple and easy to follow. I think it will assist them to participate more because the pictures are larger. There are useful exercises to do, and they’re not too long. The interactive exercises help as they can go back, check, and do it again. As an educator, it is easy to go back and refresh, briefly look at the unit we did yesterday and then move onto the new unit. Also, the tablets don’t need the internet to work, so I can always use it. I think the learners will pay more attention as this is something new for them, and they will all be excited.


Do you have any concerns?

It might take some time to become used to using the tablet when teaching, but I think it will be fine. I also think using the PPPB technique (Pause, Prompt, Pounce, Bounce) might take some time to get right.


We will be adding more educator blogs over the coming months, so check back regularly to see how educators in a range of settings from rural to urban, manage the introduction of this exciting new resource into their planning and teaching! 


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