Mwabu Teacher Blog: Constance's Blog #1

Tue, 20.02.2018
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My name is Constance Kaluba and this is my 8th year in the teaching fraternity. Last year I was teaching Grade 6 at UCZ Mwandi Primary School and my class had 53 pupils. I have been using the tablet for just over two years now. My hope was that learners would enjoy learning and I expected that there would be a reduction in absenteeism, and this has happened. 

It has made my teaching easier as I have found that when pupils struggled to understand my explanation, they would have all the content in the tablet to help. It was easy to implement but I had some challenges where the gadget would freeze during the lesson. I have found that learners are fully engaged in the lesson and always eager to learn.

I have had five or six training courses and a lot of support. I currently have a teaching diploma and in April I will take the exam to get my primary degree. In May, I start teaching Grade 7 with the Mwabu lessons – pupils like the tablets a lot!

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