Mwabu Teacher Blog: Conceptor's Blog #2

Thu, 03.08.2017
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Conceptor, Grade 6 teacher at Mwandi primary school, shares with us how the Mwabu units and Mwabu Academy training course support her teaching. Read her second blog post to find out about her experience so far.


How has the use of the tablets with your learners helped them. What improvements are your learners making?


It has helped me effect strategies to help with the focus of my learners. The children are now able to focus on tasks and do work on their own- even when I leave them to do the activities or tasks without my direct support or supervision.


What significant changes are taking place with your learners especially during lessons?


I am very pleased that my learners are starting to think more and are becoming more inquisitive. They are now beginning to ask questions to explore the lessons they are learning in more depth. Before I starting using the questioning techniques the children would be quiet during lessons and never ask questions. 


Are there any more changes or adaptations you are planning to make for the coming term?


Yes, I would like to adopt more strategies to make my lessons and interactions with my learners more interesting.


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