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Mwabu Teacher Blog: Conceptor's Blog #1

Mon, 26.06.2017
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Conceptor, Grade 6 teacher at Mwandi primary school is the first contributor to the Mwabu Teachers Blogs from Zambia.

Mwandi primary school is part of Mwabu's Mwandi Project, a major community development project in rural Zambia that equips six primary schools in the Mwandi area with e-learning tablets and associated equipment, including solar charging systems.


Teacher training is provided to all the teachers in the schools as well as a support teacher who ensures that the new style of teaching is continued in all schools; supporting all the teachers as they adopt the new methodologies.

Conceptor shares with us how the Mwabu units and Mwabu Academy's recent training course support her teaching.




How did you feel about your training experience at the end of the teacher training course?

It was a good start to the year and the new school term because it helped me realise that learners are valued and should come first in everything the teacher does. I was also reminded that each learner's future lies in my hands.


How do you feel the Mwabu tablet will help you as a teacher?

It helps me to spend more time with learners that experience challenges or difficulties in their learning activities. Using the Mwabu tablet also reduces my workload per child as I just guide the children where there is the need.


How do you feel the Mwabu tablet and lessons will help your learners?

I think the tablet will help the learners learn how to discover things on their own and be more involved in the lessons. They will also be able to learn from each other through reading circles. My learners will be able to think quickly, especially in quizzes


What classroom changes have you made or do you think you might make?

I have made reading circles with mentor learners leading reading activities or sessions. During my literacy and reading activities, I place my learners into groups according to their reading levels and place the weaker ones with learners that are reading at higher levels, this emphasises both guided reading and peer learning.

I have also introduced 'Hot Seating' during my literacy and reading activities using the tablets. During these activities, I have children create a ‘Hot Seat’ where one child sits at the front of the class and reads a story from the tablet. When the story is done, they lead a review of the story with the rest of the class through Q&A based on what they have read.


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