Mwabu Teacher Blog: Bryson's Blog #1

Fri, 23.03.2018
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Bryson, how long have you been a teacher?

I’ve been a teacher for seven years and I have been teaching at my current school, Fronkya Nkisu School under Educore services since 2015. I teach the Grade 7 class.


What motivated you to become a teacher?

I just love teaching. I was a Sunday school teacher for many years and from there I developed a love for teaching small children and felt I could do more than I was doing, by becoming a teacher.


When did you first hear about iSchool?

I first heard about it in 2014. I heard that you were producing tablets that could be used by both teachers and pupils. Back then the tablets were known as Zedupads, not Mwabu and I got curious but never came across them until 2015, when I joined Educore Services and found tablets being used here. The school believes that every teacher must use a teacher tablet and I was oriented on how to use the tablet in the classroom. Because of our traditional way of teaching, I had doubts in the beginning about the effectiveness of the tablet but as I started using it, I saw how helpful it was not only to me but the pupils too.


How has using the tablets enhanced your teaching?

My teaching has been made easy especially when I compare from how I was trained in college. All the lessons are on the tablet so I do not spend too much time planning. I read the lesson, understand it and organize the necessary materials required for my lesson. I open my tablet, read the lesson for that day and then I organize the needed resources. The tablet has reduced my work load.


How have your students taken to learning with tablets?

I feel it has reduced absenteeism because the children find the lessons very interesting and they get so eager to learn the next lesson and come back the next day to learn some more. Seeing the words and hearing the sounds of how words are pronounced also helps the pupils read better than their peers from other surrounding schools. As long as the instructions are easy, children easily understand.


What were your challenges?

Personally, I have no serious challenges, however, I have seen challenges in other surrounding schools using the tablets. They have large classes where one teacher has a class of say 145 pupils. Such a big class can be a challenge when teaching using the tablet. But through what I learnt from my mentor, I advise them to divide the class into three groups, with two groups in the class and one group learning from outside to make it easier to attend to most of the pupils’ needs.


Any success tips to share with other teachers using the tablets?

The tips that I feel have worked for me are never stop studying the material on the tablet. There are lots of modules on the tablet that are helpful.

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