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Thu, 24.05.2018
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Why did you decide to pursue a career in teaching?

I decided to pursue a career in teaching because I love children. My love for children and teaching came from the joy I got when I started teaching children in Sunday school.

How do you feel the Mwabu teacher training course you recently completed will help you as a teacher?

I am confident it will help me in lesson planning because I now have the skills and resources a teacher needs. Also, I do not have to look elsewhere to search for all the requirements to plan and prepare for my lessons now that I have the teacher resources in my teacher tablet.

How do you think the Mwabu product will help your learners?

I think it will be really helpful in helping them develop their knowledge and skills with the use of technology and IT.

What was your favourite experience during the training?

Learning how to use the Mwabu technology and content

During the training, you made a decision to buy your children a home (pupil) tablet version. What encouraged you to get a tablet for your children as well?

When I saw the content and how it has visual aids that make learning fun, I thought it would be good to get one for my children so that they can continue learning using the tablet even if they are on their own.

What impact would you like to see among your learners as a result of the use of the Mwabu teaching methodologies and technology?

I would like to see them be able to use the tablets confidently on their own and also improve and make progress in the way that they are learning.

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