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Mwabu Academy South Africa, KZN Mentoring Visit

Tue, 29.05.2018
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Our Highly experienced Academy Trainer, Ms Le'Anne Ponen visited Stanger, Kwa Dukuza with a film crew to capture our Mwabu Academy Mentorship and Coach process for the teachers. We worked with teachers from three schools in the Stanger area; Nyakana Primary, St. Christopher’s Primary School and Zilungisele Primary School. These schools are all supported by the MRP Foundation to ensure they have access to innovative technology, infrastructure and ‘on the ground’ technical support.


Our focus was to support teachers with the conceptual delivery of Mathematics and Science, as well classroom and behaviour management, resource planning, differentiation and group/ paired work, questioning, and ICT integration into daily lesson delivery (for all lessons, not only those using our CAPS aligned content). 


During the past week, we were delighted to support and watch eight Grade 4-7 educators in action. As we travelled to the schools, we saw learners trying their best to bypass the mud and huge puddles, despite the heavy rain.


The educators we observed were well-prepared and receptive to the structured feedback that forms part of the Mentoring process. At Mwabu Academy we strongly believe in the power of both the mentoring process and constant self reflection that go hand in hand, to sustain good teaching and to ensure the educator continually improves their teaching practice. In addition, the coupling of mentoring with the revision of effective teaching techniques discussed with the Academy trainer, aims to enable successful lesson delivery in the diversified classroom environment that African teachers often find themselves in.


Here are some photographs from the visit.



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