Impact One Initiative

Fri, 25.05.2018

iSchool have recently been further supporting Impact One Initiative, a non-profit organisation that provides educational opportunities to vulnerable children in Zambia. It is supported by different organisations, including The Rotary Club of Zambia in collaboration with the International Rotary Club of USA.


Impact One Initiative has been working with iSchool since 2015. They purchased over 250 Mwabu tablets, impacting over 4500 children in nine community schools in the Ng’ombe area. They have trained close to thirty teachers, who have continued to receive monitoring and mentoring support from our Mwabu Academy trainers.


The implementation of Mwabu tablets in these schools has received positive feedback from the community, as well as the teachers and pupils using them and Impact One Initiative is eager to source more funding to continue providing education solutions to the vulnerable children through the Mwabu tablets.


We are delighted to have been able to support Impact One Initiative with their valuable mission.


To read more about their work, click here

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