e-learning curriculum reaches school learners and young women in Zambia

Financial Education Pilot a Success

Wed, 10.04.2019
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Mwabu has partnered with Financial Sector Deepening Zambia (FSDZ) and Impact Network to deliver a financial education curriculum for both school learners and young women in Zambia. The project, which is well underway, involves creating a blended learning and certification programme that combines face-to-face and virtual education.


Impact Network’s mission is to bring access to a quality education to students living in rural Zambia. Likewise, FSDZ works to improve the financial health of the most excluded and underserved Zambians. The project thus complements Mwabu’s efforts in addition to expanding the reach of Impact Network and FSDZ.


The recent pilot study was conducted with Grade 7 and Grade 10 learners, plus a group of girls and young women reached through NetGirls – a subsidiary of Impact Network that empowers Zambian girls through netball competitions. Mwabu’s e-learning modules were successfully delivered through a mixture of facilitator-led and participant-led sessions. The digital content was well received and appreciated by each group involved, with participants feeling that what they had learned would help them to plan, save and budget their money. One participant, Patricia Mbewe, for example, stated  that she “enjoyed the financial education sessions and was able to learn how to manage and use money wisely.”


The pilot study has also led to several insights which will be key in the ongoing development of the digital content and delivery of the project. Project facilitators are excited about this because, as one of them noted, the content will include “knowing the basics of money, being financially fit, developing good financial habits and being able to save money. Financial education is important to women and girls of Katete because it will help them become confident and make good financial decisions. My greater hopes for this project are that women and girls will have greater income opportunities across Katete and Zambia at large.”


The project initially aims to reach communities in Eastern Province in Katete District and is to be implemented by Impact Network to reach over 15,000 learners. Mwabu’s digital content will be delivered via tablets, to school learners from grades one to twelve, as well as young women who are out of school, via the NetGirls group. The project will then be extended to another two provinces within the country.


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