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Covid-19 response for learners in Zambia

Wed, 17.06.2020
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In response to school closures throughout Zambia due to Covid-19, we are working on new ways to reach even more learners with our primary school resources. 


We are developing video versions of our animated lessons, which will be broadcast on television Zambia, as well as being available free to watch online for a limited time, via a zero-rated website in conjunction with MTN. 


Working with UNICEF and the Zambian Ministry of General Education, we are adapting our lessons for radio broadcast, with great potential to reach a large number of learners, especially those in rural areas. These programmes will include recordings in local languages for early grades.


We are also working on making our lesson plans for teachers and our interactive content for learners available internationally via download. More on this to follow soon! 


If you are interested in helping us to reach more learners, please contact us. 

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