Bringing interactive primary school lessons to even more learners

Coming soon: e-learning available to download internationally

Wed, 17.06.2020
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In response to the increased demand for e-learning due to school closures and the impact of Covid-19, we have been working hard to bring our educational resources to even more learners.


Our comprehensive resources for primary school grades 1 - 7 will soon be available to download online, covering Maths, Science, English, Social Studies, Technology, Home Economics and Expressive Arts.


Parents can download e-learning which leads learners through their primary school lessons, with multimedia activities including animation, illustrations, sound, voicing, interactive questions, quizzes and more.


Plus, teachers can access lesson plans covering all aspects of teaching each lesson, with suggested explanations, activities, questions, discussions and assessments.


We are also developing other new ways of distributing our educational resources to even more learners, including videos and radio shows!


If you are interested in helping us to reach more learners, please contact us.

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