Introducing Mwabu

We bring education to rural Africa with our educational tablet and e-learning content covering national primary school curriculumsOur goal is to enable children from all backgrounds to realise their right to high-quality education. Watch our video to find out more about us!


Mr Simbali Liseke, Head Teacher at Kandala Community School


“Things changed when Mwabu was introduced in the sense that the tablets cover all the subjects including those in which we donʼt have materials, so this time I can say we have enough resources, we even have some things that we thought we would never have. Learning has become much more interesting”


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Mwabu Impact

What we believe

We believe that the future of Africa needs the talent of its young people. African economies are modernising and growing rapidly but many communities are still unable to access quality education and remain cut off from the benefits of growth, wasting human capital and undermining national development.

Mwabu seeks to change this, creating rapid improvements in education standards by bringing highly effective e-learning resources into communities and classrooms.

Our Vision

Our vision is for school pupils across Africa to benefit from a quality education, equipping them to access new opportunities and drive forward the development of the continent.



Our Mission

Our mission is to bring talent, teacher and technology together across Africa to make education so good that all learners can contribute to and benefit from a new future for the continent.


Our Values

Our Values

Be Inclusive

We respect and value diverse perspectives, life and work experiences and cultures as a source and driver of new ideas and energy.

Learner First

We put the learner first, whether that learner is a student, a teacher, a head teacher, a parent or a member of the Mwabu team.

Be Accountable

We want better education and life chances and we must be accountable for that. We keep talking and listening to customers so that we keep improving.

To Inspire

We inspire teachers and students with tools and materials that bring learning to life in a way that has meaning for them.

mwabu fact no. 27 5,000 In Zambia, we created 5,000 lesson plans, each packed with interactive activities
mwabu fact no. 07 39 million Primary school children in Africa have no access to education
mwabu fact no. 11 80:1 In some rural areas, 1 teacher often teaches a class of up to 80 pupils
mwabu fact no. 03 3x Children learning with Mwabu improved their literacy scores 3x faster than a control group in our Unicef study in Zambia

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