YWCA Safe Spaces

New project with Young Women’s Christian Association of Zambia

Mwabu are pleased to announce we have begun working with the Young Women’s Christian Association of Zambia (YWCA) to introduce e-learning as an element of their training for adolescents in reproductive health, life skills and financial literacy.

The project is part of the YWCA Safe Space program, which aims at building adolescent boys’ and adolescent girls’ capacity as an interconnected approach towards mitigating girls’ vulnerabilities and ending early child marriage.

Phase one of the project will focus on a pilot to set up a learning management system (LMS) and test delivery of existing e-learning materials on financial literacy developed and shared by FSDZ. Mwabu will work with YWCA to facilitate delivery of the 45-day pilot project to three YWCA centres located in Senanga, Katete and Lusaka District.

Phase two will include the development of an interactive e-learning module, covering introductory topics from the Safe Spaces training, such as self-esteem and goal setting. Mwabu will work with subject matter experts and facilitators from YWCA to agree the content of the new learning module. The e-learning created by Mwabu will include artwork, animation, interactive activities, voicing and knowledge checks.

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