New project aims to improve literacy and numeracy in rural areas

Sierra Leone Education Innovation Challenge

Mwabu has reached the second round of the Sierra Leone Education Innovation Challenge (SLEIC), an Education Outcome Fund (EOF) project that aims to:  

  • improve learning outcomes (literacy and numeracy) focussing on schools in rural areas
  • inform which interventions are most effective in the named country context and improve existing interventions
  • build sustainable capacity in schools
  • build the ecosystem for outcomes-based commissioning in the named country, supporting a shift from activity-based to outcomes-focused funding and policy, in education and beyond.

Mwabu is working in partnership with Educator’s International (EI) and Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT) to form a consortium to deliver the project objectives:

  • to directly accelerate progress in literacy and numeracy
  • to sustain and expand literacy and numeracy gains through access to curriculum-compatible teaching and learning materials developed for use in African primary schools
  • to provide teachers with the skills to deliver these learning interventions, and with a more broad-based, structured professional development programme

EI specialises in securing rapid and sustained improvement in literacy and numeracy across P1-7 in low-resource settings. LRTT has demonstrated success in improving teacher effectiveness through highly focused instructional coaching for teachers in schools in 11 countries. Mwabu will provide further support for literacy and numeracy, through provision of broad-based teaching and learning materials, delivered via tablets and projectors.