Partnership with ZICTA reaches 73 primary schools

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has partnered with Mwabu and iSchool Zambia in a project that aims to empower 73 primary schools through the supply and installation of digital content on 1,460 computers and the training of 146 teachers.

The project is aimed at enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in schools by enabling access to ICT resources. iSchool Zambia will be providing Mwabu’s digital content, curriculum-aligned lesson plans and assessment tools, as well as continued training and mentoring for teachers and school leaders.

iSchool Zambia has a proven track record in project management, delivery of digital content, technical support, training, mentoring and observation, now deployed to more than 9,300 teachers and 35,000 devices across the country.

Project schools were strategically selected based on connection to the power grid or any other sources of power with secure infrastructure that would ensure the safety of the ICT equipment. All schools were accorded an opportunity to apply stating clearly whether they met the selection criteria that was put forward by the Ministry of General Education. The selected schools were later scrutinized by ZICTA to ensure that all schools had all the facilities in place and a team to manage the programme.

Davison Kapakyulu, Country Manager, iSchool Zambia “It is very important to bring together key stakeholders related to use of ICT in education and create opportunities for partnerships. All of us in the education industry and the ecosystem welcome the efforts all parties are putting in to ensure the Zambian learners adopt the use of technology at a tender age. We look forward to partnering with more organizations that support inclusiveness for all regardless of one’s social status in society in the use of ICT in education.”