New report finds positive effects on learning outcomes

A new report from American Institutes for Research shows the positive effects on learning outcomes of the use of Mwabu learning resources as implemented by our partners Impact Network. 

In Feb 2020 American Institutes for Research (AIR) published their Midline Report on the use of Mwabu as part of the eSchool 360 program implemented by our partners Impact Network (IN). The report states:

  • Midline results suggest that the opportunity to attend an IN school positively affected children’s learning outcomes across the board.

  • Mixed-methods evidence suggested the positive effects were primarily driven by improvements in the quality of education, increases in school attendance for both teachers and children, and strong fidelity of program implementation.


AIR headline findings

Mwabu’s work in Zambia shows significant increases in literacy and numeracy, as evidenced by an RCT conducted by the American Institutes for Research, focused on Impact Network’s (NGO) delivery of the Mwabu programme in 35 rural schools. EGRA scores improved by 0.83 standard deviations / 7.2 percentage points, with 0.45 SDs / 10.1 percentage points in EGMA, and 0.52 SDs or 12.4 percentage points in Oral Vocabulary scores for primary students who had attended at least three times the week prior to testing. The effect sizes are equivalent to 5.5 and 2.4 additional months of schooling for reading and maths respectively. Mwabu has also demonstrated a positive impact on enrolment, attendance and retention – there was an increased likelihood of timely enrolment of 7.9%, and additional attendance of 0.36 days per week.

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