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iLearnabout makes great progress as pilot begins

iLearnabout aims to provide teachers and learners across Sub-Saharan Africa with digital resources on environmental conservation challenges and solutions.

iLearnabout is making great progress as three initial modules on Biodiversity have been designed and developed ready to pilot. The digital resources look at why we need biodiversity, what is happening to it and how we can help. The modules include suggestions for practical challenges, like conducting a biodiversity survey, creating a butterfly garden and organising a habitat cleanup. Mwabu has supported iLearnabout by contributing to the design and testing of these early resources, which are aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The modules are now being piloted by key partners through their existing programme networks, including;

Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK), who have recently agreed to pilot the initial modules, bringing extensive knowledge and experience along with the potential to reach many children and teachers through their club network. Through workshops in seven regions across Kenya, WCK operates in over 3,000 schools. Many of the clubs are in very rural areas.

The Elsa Conservation Trust has also begun to pilot the materials within their extensive education programme. The well-known charity was established by renowned conservationist George Adamson and his wife Joy, the author of the book Born Free that led to the legendary film in the '60s. The Trust now works with more than 15,000 school children each year in the Naivasha region of Kenya.

For more information visit ilearnabout.org