Aiming to support out-of-school children in Ghana

Ghana Accountability for Learning Programme

Mwabu has pre-qualified for the Ghana Education Outcomes Fund Programme, part of the Ghana Accountability for Learning Programme (GALOP). After submitting a successful expression of interest, we are progressing to the second round of proposals.

Interventions, incorporating distance-learning solutions, are being sought that address:

  • barriers to the enrolment of out-of-school children (OOSC) in urban centres, to transition them into formal school or technical/ vocational training depending on their ages
  • recruitment of OOSC to an accelerated learning programme focused on literacy, numeracy, and life skills

A joint proposal has been entered, from a consortium of experienced educational entities comprising Mwabu, Participatory Development Associates (PDA) and Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT). We are currently preparing a detailed project proposal as we move forward.

Sierra Leone Education Innovation Challenge

14 January 2021

Mwabu has reached the second round of the Sierra Leone Education Innovation Challenge (SLEIC), an Education Outcome Fund (EOF) project aiming to improve learning outcomes and measure the efficacy of interventions. 

Reaching learners through the radio during Covid-19

07 October 2020

In partnership with UNICEF and the Zambian Ministry of General Education, we have adapted our lessons for radio broadcast, as an emergency response to school closures due to COVID 19. The initiative is aimed specifically at supporting vulnerable children in hard-to-reach places that have no access to internet services or television.