Aiming to support out-of-school children in Ghana

Ghana Accountability for Learning Programme

Mwabu has pre-qualified for the Ghana Education Outcomes Fund Programme, part of the Ghana Accountability for Learning Programme (GALOP). After submitting a successful expression of interest, we are progressing to the second round of proposals.

Interventions, incorporating distance-learning solutions, are being sought that address:

  • barriers to the enrolment of out-of-school children (OOSC) in urban centres, to transition them into formal school or technical/ vocational training depending on their ages
  • recruitment of OOSC to an accelerated learning programme focused on literacy, numeracy, and life skills

A joint proposal has been entered, from a consortium of experienced educational entities comprising Mwabu, Participatory Development Associates (PDA) and Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT). We are currently preparing a detailed project proposal as we move forward.